The Lakes

We have two lakes on the site, both of which are well stocked with a range of coarse fish including carp (ghost, common, mirror), bream, tench, perch, roach and rudd. We pride ourselves on the excellent condition of the fish, the facilities and quality of fishing, all of which provide a pleasant day for the novice and more experienced angler alike.

Lake 1

Lake 1 is a 1.75 acre lake with 14 swims, with an average depth of 3-4ft. Fish can be taken on standard tactics throughout the year. Carp respond well to meat, corn, boilies (please see rules) and worm. For those after a “mixed bag”, standard float or pole fished baits will ensure an entertaining days sport, with sweet corn and meat sure favourites. Popular swims include the Premier peg, No 1 and “The Island Swim”. However, do not ignore the margins, which produce some excellent catches.

Lake 2

Lake 2 is a 0.75 acre pool with 6 swims, averaging between 3ft and 7ft. Despite its size, the lake boasts a number of features, including marginal reeds, lilypads, an island and underwater plateaus. The design of the lake and stocking make this a dream pool for the angler who enjoys fishing the pole or waggler.
The lake is open throughout the year and, should you wish to stay a little longer, we can also offer a variety of accommodation which is perfect for both fishing holidays and weekend breaks. See our accommodation page for further details.

Other facilities

Car Parking on Site
Bailiff on Site